• @ChoftheBrethren:National Youth Conference starts today! Pray for youth, advisors, staff, speakers & all involved! Photo by Glenn R… https://t.co/hlnQS9OVr7

  • @ChoftheBrethren:For the first time since 2019... in person worship! Join us online https://t.co/B2bfGu4RLt #cobac22 https://t.co/sUesYjzf4Y

  • @ChoftheBrethren:News & photos: https://t.co/gihMJAzPxN Worship links: https://t.co/rkmkU8uhcH #cobac22

  • @ChoftheBrethren:Keep praying for Ukraine, all affected, world leaders, a miracle. Brethren Disaster Ministries is mapping a respons… https://t.co/jPbCKj6YOp

  • @ChoftheBrethren:Earlier this week, Gen Secretary David Steele issued a call to prayer for Ukraine https://t.co/vZYzqUpsiN… https://t.co/qVftGMOPD3

  • @ChoftheBrethren:Order @ https://t.co/Tw4aO7wOFm w code BRETHREN21 by 12/15 & 10% will go to Global Mission. #fairtrade… https://t.co/Uh2FH70bwg

  • @ChoftheBrethren:"Barum Brethren" in a new tv series is said to be a Church of the Brethren congregation. It's nothing like us! Deta… https://t.co/guaRM8oBJd

  • @ChoftheBrethren:Join this session tonight! 7pm Eastern https://t.co/mhfcsMSeP8 https://t.co/E158SJxi6w

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